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In a word, its "GORGEOUS". Indeed, why stop the superlative at that? It's "desirable, dishy, hot, luscious, nubile, pulchritudinous (yes I didn’t know what this meant either), seductive, and very, very sexy".

In my opinion, this range, which is based on Riedel's Extreme design*, is the most beautiful shape that they’ve brought out since their introduction of Veritas, which like Veloce, is a developmental design based on an existing Riedel range (in the case of Veritas it is based on the Vinum range).

And neither Veritas nor Veloce are really done justice in anything but the flesh, so if you've looked at the photos and are wondering a bit what I'm going on about, then, if you can, do come into one of the shops to take a closer look. Gaze spellbound at the shapes, feel the exquisitely fine stems, imagine the aroma of your favourite Bordeaux delivered in a manner that only Riedel can…is this heaven on earth? Yes it is!

If you're too far away to do this, then you’ve two choices to make. Either order from us, knowing that returns are easy and free, or you could go into your local John Lewis and see them there. If you find yourself tempted to buy them there and then, I'll forgive you because, believe me, they are utterly captivating, and I would entirely understand you not wanting to be without them a moment longer!

There are 9 stemmed glasses in the range, plus a nondescript water tumbler.

We've been getting this new range in, in dribs and drabs for about a month or six weeks now, but the all important best seller, Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux glass was about the last to arrive, so I've been holding off telling you about them until we had a complete delivery.

Now they are all here! If I can't control myself, and I don’t have any great intent on doing so, I shall be buying the “Bordeaux” and “Sauvignon Blanc” glasses for us at home and doubtless Jeanne will persuade me to add the oaked “Chardonnay” to those as well!

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