Under Review: Tala Performance Stainless Steel Saucepan Set

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The Tala 3 piece Saucepan set in stainless steel, and you know I've just got one out on my desk and it really is rather nice quality. A 3mm or 4mm base that will give reasonable heat spread, nicely polished body outside and a practical brushed finish inside. Stay cool stainless handle and when you pick it up it doesn't feel flimsy or too light . Yup, a lot of pan for the money. A good set and perhaps ideal starter set to send away to Uni, with offspring in tow, a bit posh maybe for a student, but it’ll come back in one piece (ok, 3 pieces) and depends on how, much they cook and you feel moved to spend, I suppose. Would love come into this equation.…not sure?

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