Under Review: Zyliss Zick Zick Classic Chopper

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Now, talking of chopping onions, if there’s something I hate doing, it's peeling and chopping onions.

And a couple of weeks ago, at a training session in the shop, we’d been sent, at our request, samples of the  Zyliss, “Zick Zick Classic Food Chopper” and the more expensive “Zick Zick 2 Food Chopper”.

And these two machines just make onion chopping a bit of a doddle really.

Under Review: Zyliss Zick Zick Classic Chopper

The original model, called the Classic, does the job very effectively, we found. There are just two downsides to it. It's harder to clean than the more expensive model, and it doesn’t turn as you chop.

Or rather, as I discovered today as I wrote this, it does in fact turn, but by so little that you tend to end up chopping on the spot and so will chop very finely indeed if left to its own devices. This could be a good thing of course, but when we were testing it out we didn’t clock that it was turning at all.

We manually turned it after each plunge. But if neither of these factors matter to you, then the Zyliss Zick Zick Classic Chopper is a very competent chopper for cutting up onions, nuts (really good for nuts that usually want to go flying off in all directions) some dryer herbs like Rosemary and last, but not least, Chocolate!

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