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If you’re either a KitchenAid fan, or just in need of small food processor or a top notch hand mixer, then I’ve got a tempting offer for you

If you’re either a KitchenAid fan, or just in need of small food processor or a top notch hand mixer, then I’ve got a tempting offer for you this week. For me, I‘ll admit to being a bit ‘meh’ about the brand. Twenty five years ago, it was cookshops and department stores who helped put KitchenAid on the map. Today it has become somewhat commoditised (for that, read tiny margins!) with everyone and their dog selling the brand, so the excitement of selling something that has an exclusive feel, has long since gone. However, being a ‘people person’, that’s to say I buy the people as much as the brand, it’s partly because of my relationship with the ‘lovely’ people at Beam* (Matt, Darren and Chris come immediately to mind) that we’ve continued to sell KitchenAid. That, and the still huge appeal that the KitchenAid Stand Mixer has for me (its a brilliant and beautifully made product) is why we still happily stock their products. Over the years they have diversified and its two of these that I’m going to be talking about today.
* KitchenAid distributor
Richard Branson.
But before I go any further, I thought I’d pass on a little tit-bit that got my attention the other day when watching Richard Branson being interviewed. When asked what his strengths are he says

  • I think I’m good with people.
  • I think I can surround myself with really good people.
  • I’m able to delegate to others and not second guess them all the time.
  • I look to praise, not to criticise
  • I think I’m good at ensuring that what we do, is the best in our industry.
  • I want people to be really proud of who they work for.

And in telling a story, when at the age of 50 (and head of the largest group of private companies in Europe) he learns for the first time, what the difference is between net and gross profit, he’s not embarrassed or ashamed of it. Infact, he goes on to say that if you (the listener) are running a business, it does help to add up, to subtract and to multiply (to divide, he believes is not essential …. my sort of bloke!). He continues, if you do those first three things you can run a business and if you can’t, he says, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just find somebody else who can add up.  Instead focus on creating something that’s going to make a positive difference to other peoples lives.
Putting aside these skills, for me, “just go out and create something that’s going to make a positive difference to other peoples lives” is the most telling of statements.
No mention of money or profit. What comes first is how customers and colleagues are going to benefit. What can you do to make a positive difference to others’ lives.  It may sound naive, but when I hear this, I wonder if this is why he has been so successful in so many different industries…ideology and enthusiasm, come before profit, gross or net….
KitchenAid Mini Food Processor.  £89.00 down to £59.00
In a market dominated by Magimix (in this writer’s opinion, they are unrivalled) there is none the less, room for another mini food processor, and sometime ago KitchenAid brought out a couple of models that are worthy of note. The reason I’m mentioning them this week, is that one of them, the small one, is on offer, and it’s really rather good.
Named the Mini Food Processor, this is the smaller of the two, with an 830ml capacity, and if that means nothing to you (doesn’t to me) the bowl is about 4” high by 5” across (10cm x 13cm). It has two speeds, a pouring spout and handle and in the lid there’s a little place that you fill with oil that drizzles through into the bowl.  Making you your own mayonnaise for instance, is a bit of a doddle.  Available in three colours Almond, Red and Black. Normally £89.00 down to £59.00, whilst we have stock.
Here are the salient points:

  • 830ml Capacity
  • 2 Speeds
  • Pouring Spout
  • Oil Drizzle capability
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Bowl is BPA free
  • Cord may be wound around the base to shorten it
  • On offer at £59.00

A really nice product at a very good price.

KitchenAid Hand mixer 9 Speeds.  £129.00 down to £95.00
The KitchenAid hand held Hand Mixer, is a very solid bit of kit. Hideously expensive at its normal £129.00 is now on offer at only £95.00. I say this slightly tongue in cheek as even at this price, it’s not given away. It is however, a really lovely machine. With nine choices you need never fear not having the right speed for any particular task. And perhaps rather importantly it is slow enough, on speed one, not to redecorate your kitchen for you… so no “icing sugar clouds”, when blending with butter! The nine speeds vary from a very slow 230rpm to a very brisk 1300rpm. There are three different attachments. A pair of Conventional Whisks. A single 16 Wire Whisk for cream, egg whites and sauces and a pair of Dough Hooks for bread making. This machine isn’t short on power either (in handheld terms) so you can even contemplate bread making with it.  
Salient points are:

  • 9 Speeds. 230rpm -1300rpm
  • Pair of whisks
  • One 16 Wire Whisk (more wires equal more air added per revolution)
  • Pair Dough Hooks
  • Cord length 1.5 metres
  • Cord swivels on the machine to avoid cord strain
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • On Offer at £95.00

Probably the best hand mixer on the market today?

Other current KitchenAid Offers

That’s it for this week. But I spotted this in The Week a little while back and thought you might enjoy the sentiment…


“Feeling resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”


Attributed to St Augustine. Obviously quite a character A great observer of people and with a dry sense of humour.

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards




Andrew Bluett-Duncan



  • Andrew Bluett-Duncan

    Hello Emily,
    Thank you for your comments on my emails, and I’m very glad you enjoy them.

    Yes we do stock the DreamFarm Grinenstein (not an obvious name!) and you’ll find a link to it below.
    I think this is what you are after. If not email me back.
    Kind regards

  • Emily Hadjinicolaou

    Hi Andrew, I do enjoy your weekly emails both for the product information you give but also your more general musings on life. Keep them coming please!
    Some time ago, I saw a product advertised in your email for a small bin for disposing used coffee granules from an espresso coffee machine (the idea is to have the small bin by the coffee machine and empty the used granules from the handle/spoon containing the ground coffee after use). I did a search on your website but couldn’t find anything. Do you stock something like this?

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