New Le Creuset Dinnerware, Rose and relationships

As I walked down Reigate High Street on Wednesday morning, I passed a chap coming the other way, and, as we passed each other, he smiled. He looked familiar to me, but I don’t know why. In any case I smiled back and realised as I continued on, how that smile had affected me. I had been in a good mood anyway as I walked in, but as we passed, he and I, my mood lifted several notches, and I arrived at the shop, mood significantly higher than it had already been.

I sort of doubt that I’m alone in feeling a benefit from that type of silent greeting, and of course, I hope that my reaction also had a similar effect. It’s that human connection, however brief, that reminds me of the Robert Waldinger interview I’ve been referring to in my last two weeks emails and the general underestimated importance of really good relationships in our lives. And he makes the point that we are very poor at actually realising what it is that makes us happy. In his interview, he quotes an example of an experiment done with a group of commuters, who travel into work by train. One half are told to do what they always do, sitting in silence, on their phones and iPads. The other group are told to engage another passenger in conversation during the journey.

Guess which group are happier at the end of that journey? Yup, the group who had to relate to a fellow passenger. None of them wanted to do it. All felt better for having done it, but none of them knew they’d feel that way. None!

Apropos of nothing at all, other than it amuses me, in the company, we have a running joke that “no one drinks Rosé”

This started when Andi and Em admitted to me that they did, and I’ve teased them ever since that they are completely alone in their predilection! But in fact, in recent times, I’ve come across three other people who do as well. On Saturday afternoon, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Jo (a family friend) turned up with a bottle of Rosé.

I could lie to you and tell you that I drank half a bottle to keep her company and out of politeness, but, in actual fact, it was rather like an ever so slightly sweet Sauvignon Blanc (which I’m very partial to) and was really a very pleasant drink indeed. I even drank it with food (good Lord!) and was caught on camera, with offspring and Jo, in the act.

So that’s now 7 people (in the world) who actually drink the stuff.

And naturally, out of the correct Riedel glasses of course. Which for your edification would either be the Riesling glass or the Sauvignon Blanc glass.

There’s a link here to both in either Vinum or Veritas ranges (the ones in the photo are Veritas), but alternatively, you could use the Riedel 0 Riesling glass (Stemless), they’ll have the same effect on the flavour.


To product.

Le Creuset Bamboo Green Dinnerware.
My chums at Le Creuset have been busy creating new stuff (in fact, they rarely stop) and fairly recently came out with an extension of the Bamboo Green colours in dinnerware. Bamboo, which came out at the beginning of this year, is now a pretty complete range of cast iron cookware and in addition to Mugs, Butter Dish, Storage Jar, Utensil Jar, Baking Dishes, Jugs and Teapots, there’s now tableware as well. 

The new additions are

1.      Side Plate 22cm:  Quite a generous size for a side plate.

2.      Dinner Plate 27cm:  Ditto.

3.      Cereal Bowl 16cm: Also a decent size bowl that I invariably have my breakfast out of.


4.      Pasta Bowl 22cm: A bit on the shallow side to my mind. We eat smaller amounts of pasta out of the cereal bowl.

5.      Serving Bowl 24cm: A lovely shape and a very useful size.

6.      Serving Bowl small 12cm: Good for nuts, olives etc. Far too small for crisps (these need the cereal bowl or the serving bowl, depending on how hungry you’re feeling).


7.      Spoon Rest Oval: This is in constant use in our kitchen as a spoon rest (would you believe) and somewhere to park used tea bags.

8.      Cappuccino Mug: is a really nice size for a post dinner coffee, when an Espresso wouldn’t quite be enough. It’s also a newish addition to the existing Large Mug and Espresso Mug.

They are all Oven Proof, Freezer Proof, Dishwasher Safe, and Microwave proof.

The offer this weekend is buy 2 or more pieces of Bamboo Dinnerware and get 25% OFF with code BAMBOO25


The last word I’ll leave to Stephen Hawking.

We only have to look at ourselves, to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.
Stephen Hawking, quoted in the New York Post.

I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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