Overstocks (Take 2), Waldinger and The Good Life.

Offers on Le Creuset, Black & Blum, Riedel and Robert Welch

I’ve got another tranche of over stocks for you this week. But before I start, a few days ago a friend sent me a link to YouTube video of Robert Waldinger being interviewed by Steven Bartlett. I’ve copied who Waldinger is right from Bartletts website. See below*.


Amongst other subjects, they discuss.

1.      Why relationships are the most important factor for long term health and wellbeing.

2.      Why we should re-examine the value we place on relationships.

3.      How modern society gets in the way of connection.


All of which I found most interesting. And having watched the video right through now, I was wondering which bit to pick up on, in summary. Eventually, I thought that some of Waldinger’s last words were really quite moving and thought provoking. Asked by Bartlett to say what his last message to people (on his death bed) would be, he replied, “Make your default setting, kindness” . Bartlett asks why. And he quotes a Zen teacher, who said “Nourish healthy seeds”. If you nourish those seeds (of kindness) that’s what grows. If you nourish other seeds, like the seeds of power or dominance or anger, that’s what will grow.

Powerful stuff, I think, and in the course of the next week I’ll think a bit more about what kindness means to me. And if I’m feeling creative, I’ll let you know my thoughts on it, and the thoughts of those around me who I’ve canvassed, next time.

And actually, one example, just off the cuff, and which admittedly puts me in a very good light (you’ll probably agree), occurred a couple of days ago.

I was walking into Victoria Station in London, with a friend, having had a lovely evening out together, and I noticed a homeless couple sitting on the ground. Remembering how Babette would always stop and talk with people who were homeless, I did the same.

We had a bit of chat in which I discovered their names and a little of their predicament. I also gave them a bit of money for their supper and breakfast. But if that counts as a kindness, the cost to me was tiny. A few moments of my time and a few quid. Babette was convinced that it was the time and interest in them that made the real difference. Yes, they wanted money to eat, or drink or for drugs (and I don’t mind which they used it for) but I’ll also bet that she was right, and they will remember the conversation, because it was with a stranger who showed interest in who they were, and we all knew each other’s names and shook hands as we parted company. And of course, they weren’t the only ones to benefit were they. I felt really good at the end…a real dopamine hit…thanks Chrissy and Alan.


*Dr Waldinger is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and the fourth director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. This is the longest ever study of the same group of people over time, following 724 men (and their families) for nearly 80 years. The study explores the factors that lead to healthy and happy lives. Robert is also the Founding Director of the Lifespan Research Foundation, which aims to implement the lessons learned from the Harvard Study in peoples work and personal life. His TED talk, “What makes a good life?” has been viewed over 40 million times.


To Product:

Riedel Vinum Bordeaux / Cabernet Sauvignon 6 pack RRP £165.

If last week’s promotional glass (Vinum Viognier Chardonnay) was the closest thing to a general purpose white wine glass, then the Bordeaux Cabernet glass is the red equivalent.

Suited to the heavier end of the red wine spectrum, this glass will pass muster not only on Cabernet Sauvignon, but also Rioja, Shiraz, Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc etc.  But if you’re a Pinot drinker, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this glass (for Pinot you really need a shallower, wider bowl).

So, this week’s offer is another strong one.

The full price of a pair is £55.

The Riedel value pack of three pairs, is £130 (Saving you £35) but whilst we have this overstock our price is £99.90 for a box of 6 glasses.


Riedel Winewings Riesling Glasses 4 for 3 Value Pack RRP £130

Now I’ve been unkind about the look of these glasses before now, but as it upset one or two people, I’ll not repeat myself.

And whatever I may think about their looks, they do sell, and it was in the spirit of such broad mindedness, that I ordered a good whack of them and possibly got a bit carried away.

So, normally Winewings glasses are sold singly with a full RRP of £32.50, making 4 of them £130.

The Riedel Value Pack offer price is £87.

To get our stocks down I’m doing them at £65 which is half the original RRP.

Robert Welch Signature Prism Knife Block  RRP £325 

This week I’ve a different Knife Block offer for you from this Iconic design house. It’s their Prism Knife Block. It has the same knives in it as the Book block that we had on offer last week. But it’s a little more conventional in its layout. I think it’s one the most attractive blocks around.

Unlike the Book Block you do need room above it to lift the knives out.

The 7 pieces comprise the block and 6 knives:

  • Signature Carving Knife, 23cm.  A decent length of knife for carving.
  • Signature Bread Knife, 22cm. My thoughts here are the same as the carver…long enough to be useful
  • Signature Cook’s Knife, 18cm. A really good size of Cooks knife. Big enough to do most jobs, without being scary.
  • Signature Kitchen Knife, 14cm. A good general purpose knife that many will find they pick up a lot.
  • Signature Santoku Knife, 11cm. For me the least useful knife in the block?
  • Signature Paring Knife, 10cm. Can you ever have enough paring knives…?


It's normally £325 and for the first 20 customers we offering it at £100 off.

Yours for a mere £225!

Le Creuset 3 Ply Chefs Pan 24cm Non Stick  RRP £189.

This pan and the Casserole (below) were a set that we’ve decide to break up and sell off separately. The Chefs pan is a very useful 24cm diameter and 5¾ pint capacity. It’s non-stick coated and comes with a lid. Full RRP is £189. Our price is £109 

Le Cresuet 3 Ply Casserole 20cm  RRP £175.

And this casserole is the Le Creuset 20cm 3ply body, that is normally £175 but for this offer is now £89. If the Chefs pan above is a bargain, then this is the next stage up from there (whatever that is ) £89 for a piece of Le Creuset ….EIGHTY NINE POUNDS…!

Le Creuset 3 Ply Roaster with Rack   RRP £322

And the last piece of Le Creuset today is their 3Ply Roaster and FOC Roasting Rack. A total of £322 worth of pan and rack for just £185…and if that isn’t enough we are currently price matching at £149.60….less than half price of the two items bought at full retail.

Le Creuset Craft tools. Buy one get one half price.

Now, just so you don’t tell me that everything I tell you about is eye wateringly expensive, for this weekend were offering you Le Creuset Craft Tools on a “Buy One, Get One Half Price”.

Use Code LCBUY1 if buying online, or tell us who you are if coming into the shops.

Browse all Le Creuset Craft Tools


Black and Blum “Box Appetit” (now renamed Lunch Box Original…)

Lastly, one of my favourite, most beautifully designed products of all time. The Box Appetit, that deserves to do better than they do (with us at any rate). The Lunch Box Original, (name apart) it has been improved over time and the current one is a little larger than the original. Beautifully crafted.

Here’s what I wrote back in March.

“What a bloody awful name. It used to be called Box Appetit, which sort of said it all, with it’s nod to France and therefore by implication, good food…it was a great name! Now it’s called Lunch Box Original…. However, despite the naff name, every time I pick up a “Lunch Box Original” it makes me regret that I go home for lunch every day. This is just the most understated, exquisitely designed lunch box that you will ever come across. Pick it up empty, and you know from the feel and weight that you have something special in your hand. Look through the clear Tritan lid and you will see two separate containers for things such as sauces or puds (in my case), more savoury in yours maybe? And then note that the top of both of these inner containers will hold a small quantity of something, that in turn are sealed against the underside of the lid that you’re looking through. There’s even a small fork included that you may clip to the outside of the box. It’s just a brilliant, attractive, workmanlike, no unnecessary frills, leak proof design. “

RRP £21.95 this weekend £16.95.

That’s about it for this week. I’ll leave you with another Sinek observation of life.


We can only truly be in charge, when we are willing to let others take charge.


Food for thought…?

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards 




Andrew Bluett-Duncan 



  • Andrew Bluett-Duncan

    Thanks for your thoughts J. Very glad you like it…as you can tell I love it!
    Kind regards

  • J

    Thanks Andrew for referring to the Lunch Box Original. I bought one a few weeks ago after Paul recommended it when I visited the Reigate shop and I’m more than satisfied. I was going to write to you to give this product a shout out so glad you did it today. It does everything you mentioned, is dishwasher safe and looks pretty cool. The small salad dressing container fits inside the box and doesn’t leak either. The timing of your mention is also perfect as summer lends itself to taking a colourful salad to work/school for lunch. I’m coming back this weekend to buy one more!

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