Silverwood Returns

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Stock of Silverwood, quality British bakeware, arrives after a long hiatus.


A brief but exciting email this week, as I’m off to Liverpool to help my brother build an extension to the shed that we built (and documented in this email), a year ago


The Return of Silverwood

Up until January this year, Silverwood (manufacturer of Anodised Aluminium Bakeware) had got itself into an awful mess. This was due, in part, to being under financed, being awfully let down by one of its suppliers of new machinery, but it was also battling with raw material scarcity and the expense of anodising. So, I’m really delighted to report that they have now been bought up and are back in production again, and still manufacturing in the middle of Birmingham.


So, call me a sad git if you like, but, at long last we’ve had our first deliveries from Silverwood’s in almost three years. Why am I a sad git and why am I so excited? Well, I can’t answer the first question, but Silverwood produce the best Anodised Aluminium Bakeware in the world (well that I’m aware of) and whilst Tala and Mermaid have tried to fill the hole with some good products, neither company have the range that Silverwood do, nor the finish that Silverwood produce.


So, one range of flan tins that Silverwood are unique in making, are their deep fluted flans.

These are back and sized in 1” increments from 7” to 11”.


They are, as the name suggests, quite deep, loose bottomed, and the flutes are generous in size and quite coarse (or large) so that freeing the flan from the tin is an easy(er) operation.


Helpfully, Silverwood also etch the loose base with the size and model name. So, if you have bases for other sizes of flan or cake tin, it’s easy to identify what size you’ve picked up in the first place and what bottom belongs to which tin.



Other old friends that have returned are the college pudding moulds. Years ago, Delia (I think?) made Sticky Toffee Pudding in the 3” version of these and henceforth they were called Sticky Toffee Pudding moulds. These are back, as are their smaller and bigger brothers, as well as the Dariole Mould and the Mighty Muffin Mould.
Speaking of Delia, her special range, that Silverwood made to her specification, has in part returned, with her two Deep Sandwich Pans, which, with delightful inconsistency, measure metrically at 18cm (7”) and 20cm (8”) (most other things in the range are measured in inches). The other items I spotted that we haven’t seen in a long time are the food rings in three sizes, one of which comes in two depths. Their standard round cake tins are also back, in a plethora of sizes, as is their Multi Size Square Cake Tin, allowing cakes from 4” to 12” square to be produced.

A fabulous range of products that spreads heat fast and evenly (don’t forget to reduce cooking times with Silverwood if you’re used to cooking with Steel Non Stick coated pans) and as long as you don’t let them near a dish washer, they will outlast you, in all probability.


The Offer

For this weekend I’m offering you 10% off one piece and 20% off two or more pieces. Tell us who you are if popping into the shops or use Code SILVER2310% or SILVER2320% online.


The End

That’s it for this week. I’ll leave the last thought to Bernard Haisch, quoted in “The Week”.


Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers. 

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch.


Not really quite sure what to make of it, but though it sounds profound. Not sure I have the brain to understand it’s profundity though.


I trust you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards




Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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  • Graham

    Hi Andrew, I just bought 2 items direct from Silverwood, Delia Little Gem frying pan and the 1lb loaf tin. Didn’t know about you or your lovely discount, shame. Anyway, do you sell the special liners for the loaf tin, and my partner wants to know, is the frying pan what we call non-stick? Look forward to hearing from you. Graham

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