Under Review: Global MinoSharp Knife Sharpener

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Here I'm going to be potentially controversial as the Mino Sharp knife sharpener is, strictly speaking, for Japanese knives only, as it sharpens at approximately 15 degrees. 

I, however, use it for all my knives, Japanese and European, despite the fact that European manufacturers set their blades at 22.5 degrees typically.  However, I'm grateful to Steph (from Wusthof) and her training session where I discovered that Wusthof themselves sharpen at 14 degrees (so very close to 15 degrees).

So, what I'm describing here is a bit of a dogs dinner or cat’s cradle of a mess. I've heard of 12 degrees being mentioned, in relation to Japanese knives (Global), 15 degrees is common, then 14 degrees (Wusthof)  and 22.5 degrees for most European knives (Zwilling Pro & Robert Welch). Blimey!

Happily, my experience tells me that any knife that requires equal sharpening both sides of the blade (which is the vast majority) will respond very well to being sharpened by the Mino Sharp, day in day out, for years and years. My experience spans well over 20 years with it,  and when I sit any of our freshly sharpened knives on a glossy tomato and with little or no downward pressure, just a slicing action, they produce the most wonderful wafer thin slices that I can see through….knife heaven for me using a well sharpened knife!

 In the video below, I show you how to use the Mino Sharp to sharpen your knives.

1 comment

  • Gary

    Hi I’ve got one of these sharpeners and I have 4 global knifes but I can not get my knifes sharp can you help please
    Art of Living Cookshop replied:
    Hi Gary They main thing is not to apply too much (or rather, any) pressure as you run a knife through the wheels.

    If your knives are really blunt, then it may be worth having them professionally sharpened and then using the MinoSharp to maintain their edges.

    Hope that helps.

    Andi Healey Art of Living Web Manager

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