Singing the Praises of the New Riviera


It's going to be a brief email as I'm off down to the west country to see old friends for a long weekend. However I did want to tell you about the Messiah concert that we (Phoenix Choir) gave last weekend. The experience that I honestly hadn't been really looking forward to (just doing it as I felt it would stretch me), was really something of a surprise to me. A surprise because I really enjoyed it. The orchestra, a small one, of two cellos and a double base, a couple of woodwinds, half a dozen violins and violas, two trumpets and drums made the most exquisite sound, the soloists ditto and as for us the choir, I think we more then passed muster as well. The auditorium was pretty full and I think our audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we had a standing ovation to the Hallelujah chorus!  Jeanne and Josie both came, and I'm very glad to confirm that despite my frequent doubts about Babette's and my parenting abilities, at the interval, by the time I got to the bar to join them for the obligatory white wine, they were not only well ahead of me but already had my drink waiting for me... phew.  So something we'd taught them had sunk in... and I didn't even have to pay! In the picture above I'm the one left hand of the two tallest blokes in the back row...honest!

Le Creuset Riviera

Ok enough of this and now to my friends at Le Creuset, who once again have been hard at work dreaming up yet another reason for me to spend my hard earned cash with them, which in turn I'm now passing onto you (to spend yours with us). This time last year they came up with a range called Botanique, which for a spring collection had a very autumnal look, that as you may recall, I thought was rather odd. This year I think that they've got it right with their new Riviera range.

In fact I'd go further than that, and say Riviera is to my eye, one of the most beautiful colour combinations I've seen coming out of this French company in a long long time. Jeanne obviously agreed with me, for as soon as they arrived she immediately bought several boxes (they come in sets of 4) of bowls, mugs and plates. Despite these excesses, Cobham (which she manages) still has good stocks!
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I'm already running out of time as I've not yet done my packing and I'm off tomorrow morning (Friday) so I'll let  the pictures do talking. This weekend I'm offering you 20% Discount on any box of Riviera product (they are only sold in boxes of four I'm afraid). Tell us who you are if bricks and mortar shopping, or use code RIVIERA20 on the website.

I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Kind regards


Andrew Bluett-Duncan


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  • Babs

    Ah well done on the Messiah performance Andrew, and everyone else involved! Truly wish I could have been there. Enjoy your trip <3

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